Fondation Manassé

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It was with this verse of the Bible that the idea to create the Manassé Foundation was born. This envy, this rage has initiated a will to help others. Indeed, the loss of a loved one is an inexpressible pain, a pain many children have endured by losing their parents. Giving them our support and love became our mission.

The aim of the Manassé Foundation is to form the framework of its orphanage, to help its children by providing school, socio-cultural and emotional support.

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Words from the president


We would like to thank you for your investment and your contribution in our association and especially for your presence during our inauguration party.

Indeed, thanks to you, we raised 6,100 euros during this moment of sharing and conviviality.
With these funds we were able to install a running water system in the orphanage, pay the full school fees of the children and we could also advance in the work of the development of the orphanage.

It is with people like you that we will be able to accompany more and more people and allow them to live a better life.

We thank you with all our heart and we will not fail to give you the annual report we send to all our generous donors.
Thank you again for your generosity.

Junot Da Silva
President of the Manassee Foundation