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Children of the orphanage

In February 2020, the orphanage welcomes 27 children. Abandoned or rescued from the streets of Kinshasa, they are taken in charge by the foundation. From then on, they are fed, housed, have access to schooling and recreational activities. Investing in the basic needs of children means offering them a future.



Farmlands are a sustainable way to provide for the needs of the orphanage. By investing in farmland, you contribute to the orphanage's autonomy through food independence.


Teenage mothers of Kinshasa

In addition to orphans, the Manasse Foundation helps young mothers and their children. Abandoned by their families or simply isolated, we strive to help them and their children so that they too can aspire to a better future.


I want to contribute

Would you like to help us and make a contribution? Different solutions exist. For example, you can make a monetary donation of the amount of your choice, participate in our numerous collections or sponsor a child.

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